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  • Creatorland Newsletter #22 | Introducing Discover 🧭, Connections on the Rise, Who the f*ck did I marry breakdown and Stanley cups are making HOW much money?!

Creatorland Newsletter #22 | Introducing Discover 🧭, Connections on the Rise, Who the f*ck did I marry breakdown and Stanley cups are making HOW much money?!

Creatorland Updates, NEED TO KNOW industry news, & member highlights, it's all in Newsletter #22!

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  • Creatorland Updates: Introducing the brand new Discover Page and record breaking Connection activity!

  • From the Creator Economy:  

  • Creatorland Featured Tips:

  • Project Highlights: See how creators are using Creatorland projects!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 19 is live!

Creatorland Updates

🧭 Discover a World of Creativity on the New Discover Page!

Exciting news, Creatorland family! This morning, we unveiled the Discover Page, a vibrant new feature on the Creatorland platform that's all about showcasing the incredible work our community members are contributing. We're kicking things off with "Staff Picks," a curated selection of profiles that truly capture the essence of Creatorland. And that's just the beginning! Stay tuned for a slew of upcoming features like likes, comments, and advanced filters designed to make Discover your go-to spot for inspiration and connection.

👀 Elevate Your Projects with the New Preview Card - Thanks to your valuable feedback, we're thrilled to introduce the revamped Project Preview Card. It's now packed with a dynamic gallery and detailed project insights, making it simpler than ever to highlight your achievements and attract new opportunities on Creatorland. Showcase your work, get noticed, and open doors to endless possibilities!

🤯 Unprecedented Engagement through the Network Supercharge Program

Remember when we launched the Network Supercharge Program in Newsletter #21? Well, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal! We're ecstatic to share that we've witnessed a record-breaking 13,000 new connections since the program's inception. The energy and collaboration within our community are truly inspiring.

Haven't joined the Supercharge wave yet? Now's your chance to amplify your network and discover the incredible opportunities awaiting you. Sign up and set your preferences here.

Creator Economy News

  • How Stanley went from $70M to $750M in yearly revenue
    WSJ tells the story well. Influencers, notably The Buy Guide founders, played a pivotal role in reshaping the product's marketing strategy, advocating for its appeal to expand to a female audience. This shift led to their virality, with Stanley embracing new leadership and prioritizing the hydration category. Through strategic partnerships, innovative product releases, and social media engagement, Stanley capitalized on changing consumer trends, solidifying its position as a top drinkware brand

  • Did you know? 
    Nearly half of adults on TikTok, according to a Pew Research Center study, have never posted a video, indicating a prevalent inclination toward passive consumption rather than active content creation on the platform. Despite the platform's growing popularity, with a third of U.S. adults now using it, the majority of users opt for lurking over posting, suggesting that the platform's appeal lies in its ease of consumption rather than active participation.

  • Fujifilm’s X100VI (new release)
    Fujifilm's X100V gained significant popularity on TikTok, leading to a sold-out status, prompting the Japanese company to introduce the X100VI, the next iteration in the series. With a compact design and high-quality footage, the X100VI attracted attention from TikTok creators, resulting in a surge of preorders and anticipation for its release, with some creators already showcasing its capabilities on TikTok.

TikTok user Reesa Teesa gained viral fame with her "Who the F*** Did Marry" series, detailing her experience with her deceitful ex-husband in 50 videos.

Despite TikTok not publicly disclosing payment figures, it's estimated that Teesa could earn up to $1,000 per 1 million views through TikTok's Creativity Program. With approximately 150 million views across her main series and live responses, Teesa may have earned around $168,200. 

While YouTube typically pays creators more per view, success on one platform doesn't guarantee the same on another. Teesa's series could potentially lead to lucrative television or film opportunities.

This case underscores how compelling content can attract widespread attention and financial gain, even in a landscape favoring shorter content.

If you want one skill to invest in, make it storytelling. We live in a world where holding the attention of people will make you wealthy.

Project Highlights
See how creators are utilizing Creatorland 💟

Hayden Sophia is an athlete as well as an influencer. She has a stacked Creatorland profile with her accomplishments and brand collaborations highlighted.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 18 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Monetizing Your Brand As a Creator | #19 🚀

In this episode, Andrea Reindl shares insights on building a community and monetizing your brand as a creator. She emphasizes the importance of creating a tribe of like-minded individuals who share common values and interests.

Andrea discusses different frameworks for creators, including being a researched expert, sharing lived experiences, or providing in-the-trenches lessons.

She also explores various monetization strategies, such as offering templates, creating subscription services, and building communities. Andrea highlights the ease of monetizing ideas in the current digital landscape and encourages creators to focus on authenticity and providing value to their audience.

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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