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πŸ‘€πŸ™Œ Our Newsletter, You in the Spotlight.

You or your brand, our audience of industry leaders, influencers and tastemakers. Become a newsletter sponsor and fast-track your success.

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Our Newsletter, Your Brand in the Spotlight.

The Creatorland Newsletter, the official voice of the fastest-growing professional network in the creator economy, brings you the latest trends and insights in the industry. Authored by Brian Freeman, a leading figure in the Creator Economy with accolades from Inc, Forbes, AdWeek, and Entrepreneur, and over 29k followers on Linkedin, this bi-weekly publication is your gateway to the cutting-edge of creative professional networking. Becoming a sponsor of our newsletter is a fantastic way to grow your brand presence, grow your customer base, and build your reputation in the creator economy.

With an audience exceeding 23,000 subscribers and experiencing a monthly growth rate of 10-20%, our newsletter is quickly becoming a must-read for industry leaders in the creator economy, delivering unparalleled insights and exclusive content bi-weekly.

🌟 Sponsorship Benefits Beyond Visibility

  1. Prime Editorial Placement: Secure a spotlight in our newsletter, positioned prominently right after the latest platform updates, ensuring maximum visibility.

  2. Custom Creative Asset: Include a hero image, engaging video, or any asset of your choice to captivate our audience.

  3. Premium Partner Recognition: Gain recognition with a special byline highlighting your brand as a distinguished partner.

  4. Amplified Engagement: Drive traffic with up to 3 external links, offering direct pathways to your content or offerings.

  5. Enhanced Social Exposure: Benefit from dedicated social mentions by Brian (29k followers) and Creatorland’s LinkedIn account with the option to feature your brand and key team members for added visibility.

🌐 Reader Demographics
Our Influential Community

Our newsletter is a beacon for the who's who in the creator economy, including pioneering content creators, visionary industry leaders, and innovative technologists.

Here's a peek at the dynamic makeup of our readership:

  • Vast Reach: Our subscribers command an impressive total audience of over 1 billion followers with an average following of 50,000 on social amplifying the impact of your message with high-follower high impact readers.

  • Geographic Focus: 90% of our readers are based in the USA, offering targeted reach within a key market, densest readership clusters in Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas, TX.

  • Diverse Expertise: Our readers self-identify their job functions giving us unprecedented career info for a newsletter.

    Our top 5 job functions: Influencer, Entrepreneur, Influencer Marketer, Marketing Professional, and Founder. Ensuring your message resonates across the spectrum of supply and demand in the creator economy.

Age & Gender Breakdown

Legendary Engagement

🀯 Explosive Readership Growth - We regularly see 10-20% increases in subscribers every month. Every newsletter has an evergreen presence on Publication Hub.

πŸš€ Amplified Reach Beyond the Inbox…

Every issue of our newsletter not only captivates our readers but also benefits from our robust distribution strategy.

Hosted on our dedicated publication hub at newsletter.creatorland.com, each edition is integrated into the broader Creatorland communication ecosystem.

From connection alerts to platform notifications, we ensure every touchpoint with our audience includes a pathway back to our hub, amplifying your message's reach and engagement well beyond the date your newsletter goes out.

With over 4 million emails opened in Q4 of 2023 alone, and an anticipated
94 million email opens in 2024Β (at current growth rate), your sponsorship with Creatorland is poised for unparalleled visibility.

πŸŽ™οΈ Voice of the Creator Economy Meet Brian

Since launching his nano-influencer marketplace in Los Angeles in 2016, Brian Freeman has become a pivotal figure in the creator economy.

His expertise, highlighted in over 50 tech and entrepreneurship publications and echoed through his appearances on 40 podcasts and numerous industry panels, has solidified his reputation as a trailblazer in nano and micro-influencer marketing.

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Brian & The Creatorland Team