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  • Creatorland Newsletter #21 | Platform Updates, Juicy Creator News & 3 Types of Content that Brands Should be Creating

Creatorland Newsletter #21 | Platform Updates, Juicy Creator News & 3 Types of Content that Brands Should be Creating

BeReal expands to sponsored content, Twitch streamers are getting a raise, and the tech lay-offs continue.

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  • Creatorland Updates: Introducing Advanced Search & the Network Supercharge Program!

  • Spotlight Partner: Looking to hire top design, marketing & creative talent? Braintrust is your go-to.

  • From the Creator Economy: BeReal expands to sponsored content, Twitch streamers are getting a raise, and the tech lay-offs continue.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: 3 Types of Content that Brands Should be Creating

  • Project Highlights: See how creators are using Creatorland projects!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 18 is live!

Creatorland Updates

🚀 Creatorland's Latest Innovations: Advanced Search & Network Supercharge Program!

🔍 Unlock the Power of Advanced Search

We're thrilled to introduce Creatorland’s Advanced Search found by clicking the new advanced search text on our Search page on Desktop, or the filter dropdown on mobile. This is a game-changer in connecting with the creative community! With powerful filtering options, finding the perfect collaborators has never been easier. Dive into a world of opportunities by exploring profiles based on skills, interests, platforms, location, and creative aspirations.

Discover and connect like never before! Check it out here!

Join the Network Supercharge Program

Ready to turbocharge your professional network? The Network Supercharge Program is here to revolutionize the way you connect. Tailored to your unique goals and interests, this program ensures you're just a connection away from your next big opportunity. Expect a flurry of new, meaningful connections, handpicked just for you. Sign up, set your preferences, and watch your network transform!

📈 What to Expect

  • Daily Connection Requests: Based on your preferences, we'll connect you with other members, bringing new opportunities to your inbox every day.

  • Rapid Engagement: The key to success is swift communication. Our most successful members are those who engage quickly with new connections.

  • Continuous Growth: As your network expands, so do your possibilities. Be open to the new pathways each connection may bring.

The Supercharge program kicked off on February 14th, and 1029 members have already formed amazing new connections. So, don’t miss out!

Interested? Join the Network Supercharge Program here today!

🌟 Spotlight Partner: Looking to hire top design talent? Check out Braintrust, a community of 630K pre-vetted highly skilled talent around the globe.

Creatorland met the Braintrust team back when we were first getting started, they’re deep bench of developer talent helped us source some of our earliest team members. Since then they’ve expanded to have top-level talent for every position in the organization.

What’s Braintrust? A network of 630,000 pre-vetted top technical and design talent around the globe, serving companies from small startups to Fortune 500 customers like Google, Nike, and Airbnb. Whether you’re talent looking for work, or a customer looking to hire, Braintrust is sure to have something for you.

FOR CUSTOMERS: Looking to hire top design talent? Look no further than Braintrust, a community of 630K pre-vetted highly skilled talent around the globe. Braintrust not only attracts the best talent but beats competitor pricing by up to 90%. Their low fee model ensures talent makes more, and customers pay less; a win-win!

FOR TALENT: Looking for design, marketing, or other types of creative work? Look no further. Braintrust has hundreds of open design roles with Fortune 500 customers like Nike, Google, and Airbnb. Best of all, these roles are fully remote and you keep 100% of you make (that’s right, no fees!) 

Interested? We thought so…Sign up here!

Creator Economy News

  • BeReal is introducing “Real Brands” (aka sponsored content)
    BeReal, the app known for its unconventional approach to social media, is introducing features called RealPeople and RealBrands, allowing users to follow celebrities and brands for their posts to appear alongside those of friends. With this move, BeReal aims to attract high-profile users, enhance engagement, and potentially generate revenue through sponsored content, despite concerns about maintaining the app's core values of authenticity and spontaneity.

  • Instagram introduces stricter messaging
    Meta has announced a default setting for Facebook and Instagram accounts of teens under 16 (or under 18 in certain countries), blocking strangers from sending direct messages to prevent unwanted contact. The policy also restricts adults over 19 from messaging teens who don't follow them on Instagram and blocks teens from receiving direct messages from other teens they do not follow, aiming to enhance safety following revelations of "staggering levels of abuse" targeting young users.

  • Twitch has an exciting new revenue program!

    Twitch is introducing the Partner Plus Program, allowing both Partners and Affiliates to earn higher revenue shares for subscriptions starting May 1. Affiliates can qualify for the program by reaching 300 Plus points for the 70/30 net revenue share level on paid and gift subscriptions, with a name change to just the Plus Program, and they will no longer face the $100k cap on the 70/30 net revenue share level.

  • Tech lay-offs reach TikTok

    TikTok is cutting approximately 60 employees, primarily from its sales and advertising division, as part of a routine reorganization aimed at reducing costs. The layoffs follow a trend in the tech industry, with major companies like Google and Amazon also cutting thousands of jobs this year amid a shift toward developing new generative AI tools.

UGC that overcomes common objections:

This is the type of content that will result in conversions, and it is powerful. Step one is to understand what common objections keep your customers from buying. If you own a clothing brand, maybe it’s the inability to determine quality; in that case, create user-generated content that highlights the quality, fit, and style of the clothing.

Content that highlights Brand Values:

Eighty-two percent of buyers want the brands they purchase from to have values that align with their own. When brands openly communicate their values, it helps establish deeper trust with consumers. It shows that the brand is genuine, transparent, and stands by a set of principles. Consumers are more likely to engage with and remain loyal to brands they trust.

We’ve seen this happen time and time again in competitive markets where products or services may be similar; values become a key differentiator. Consumers may choose a brand not just for the product but also because they align with the brand's values. This differentiation can contribute to a competitive advantage.

Niche-specific entertainment:

The #1 way to capture the attention of your audience base on social media is by creating niche-specific content that entertains your ideal customer. If your customer base is fitness-focused individuals, poke fun at the industry in a relatable way.

This type of content is most likely to go viral and gain eyeballs on your brand & products.

Project Highlights
See how creators are utilizing Creatorland 💟

Jake Pearson is Creatorland’s Podcast host as well as a UGC Creator. He has perfected his Creatorland profile & has in depth projects showcasing the details and data on his brand partnerships.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 18 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Former TikTok Employee Shares How to Analyze& Monetize Your Own Content🚀

In this podcast episode, Jake interviews Jacob Wallach, the founder of Social for the Win, a TikTok consultancy and content development studio. Jacob shares his background as a former TikTok employee and his decision to start his own consultancy. He discusses the challenges of time management and content creation, as well as the importance of analyzing data to understand what content resonates with the audience. Jacob also talks about his monetization strategy and the benefits of focusing on TikTok as the primary platform for growth.

An absolute must listen for all budding & current creators who want to grow their platform and learn how to monetize their content!

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

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