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  • Creatorland Newsletter #20 | 41K Connection Requests, Latest Creator News & Highly Valuable Skills Creators should Develop

Creatorland Newsletter #20 | 41K Connection Requests, Latest Creator News & Highly Valuable Skills Creators should Develop

TikTok competes with YouTube, 20% of kids are using Chat GPT, & highly valuable skills that creators should be investing in.

Today’s newsletter sponsored by Creator Buddy by Channel Factory.

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  • Creatorland Updates: 41k Connection Requests in Jan Kick off 2024, an UNREAL opportunity with Channel Factory’s “Creator Buddy,” & now accepting new pilot program applications!

  • Creator Buddy by Channel Factory & Creatorland Partner Up: They’re pitching YOUR ideas to their 1000+ brand partners with their 100 person sales team, exclusively for Creatorland members for a limited time.

  • From the Creator Economy: TikTok expands it’s max video length…again, 20% of kids are using AI, & Mr Beast action figures are launching this year.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: 3 Highly Valuable Skills Creators Should be Investing In.

  • Project Highlights: See how creators are using Creatorland projects!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 17 is live!

Connections galore, the chance of a lifetime with Creator Buddy, and new pilot partner capacity available now!

Connections Galore

2024 is off to an epic start! Creatorland’s members have sent 41,000 invitations to connect to one another to kick off the new year. We see you building your networks, forming new relationships, and kicking off new partnerships and we love it. Keep it up!

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How to get 700 Brand Deals, & how Sanchez Zehcnas is now sourcing 40% of his income from Creatorland from the Creator Logic newsletter

If you haven’t seen Avi’s newsletter Creator Logic, one of my favorite newsletters where Creators share the business of Creators you’ve got to check it out.

I’ve known both Avi & Chez for awhile now, and when Avi asked me over a catch up call awhile back if anyone on Creatorland would be an interesting fit for his newsletter, Chez came immediately to mind.Chez was an early adopter of the Creatorland beta, and is a power networker. In just a few short months, he’s managed to both grow his revenue, and source 40% of his revenue from relationships he’s built on Creatorland. Avi breaks it all down in his post, “How to get 700 brand deals” - I highlight suggest you read and subscribe.

If you’re a creator who would like to be featured like Chez, you can apply for that here. Posted Jan, 26th! Learn how Cheddar Chez worked with 700+ brands in just two years in an interview with Creator Logic, the newsletter where Creators share the business of Creators.

Creator Economy News

  • TikTok is moving it’s max video length from 10 minutes to 30.
    TikTok is testing the capability for users to upload 30-minute videos, a significant departure from its original short-form video format, as the platform aims to compete more directly with YouTube in attracting long-form content creators. Are we as viewers entering our long-form content era…or will we stick to 60 seconds or less?

  • Mr Beast action figures loading…
    Moose Toys has announced an exclusive partnership with YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast to co-create a new brand featuring an extensive line of collectible action figures, set to launch in Fall 2024. The collaboration aims to capitalize on MrBeast's global influence and iconic brand, offering fans an fun range of meticulously detailed figures.

  • 20% of kids globally used chat GBT last year.

    A new study by Qustodio, a parent control software maker, examined kids' use of novel technologies, including OpenAI's ChatGPT. The data showed that almost 20% of kids globally accessed the ChatGPT website in 2023, making it the 18th most-visited site for the year, with Australia having the highest adoption at 24% of kids visiting the site.

  • It’s that time of year again!

    YouTube AdBlitz has returned, serving as the annual hub for all commercials airing during Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. YouTube's acquisition of the NFL Sunday Ticket package has expanded its relationship with the NFL, providing opportunities for creators to participate and reach a broad audience, with YouTube reaching 88% of adults 18-49 compared to 68% on TV, according to a Comscore report.

The creator economy hasn’t stopped growing since it started, which has led to hundreds of thousands of content creators making social media their full time career. As the industry becomes even more in demand and competitive, these skills will keep you highly valuable in the industry:


Developing strong storytelling skills is crucial for content creators across various platforms. Whether creating videos, articles, podcasts, or any other form of content, the ability to craft engaging and compelling narratives helps capture and maintain the audience's attention.

A well-told story not only communicates the intended message effectively but also establishes a connection with the audience, making the content more memorable and shareable.

(Our last podcast episode dives deep into good storytelling, watch it here.)

Audience Building

Content creators should focus on building and engaging with their audience. This involves understanding the target audience's interests, preferences, and needs.

In 2024, some very prominent content creators “fell off” because when they switched up their content, they did not have an engaged audience that connected directly to the creator, but rather only their specific type of content.

Responding to comments, asking for feedback, and actively participating in discussions help create a sense of community around the content. Building a loyal and engaged audience is not only valuable for current content but also for future growth, as an active community is more likely to share and promote content.

Multimedia production skills

As content creation spans various mediums such as video, audio, written, and visual content, having multimedia production skills is highly valuable. This includes proficiency in video editing, graphic design, audio editing, and other relevant tools.

A versatile content creator who can produce high-quality, visually appealing, and well-edited content has a competitive edge in today's multimedia-driven digital landscape. Additionally, staying updated on emerging tools and technologies in multimedia production is essential for continuous improvement.

Project Highlights
See how creators are utilizing Creatorland 💟

Trui Amber is a content creator and twitch streamer with over 40 projects on Creatorland. She has highlighted each of her brand partnerships in a separate project, resulting in a stunning and detailed portfolio.

If you’re a brand looking for an epic collaborator with experience, great ideas, and a dedication to your success. Connect with Trui! She’s the real deal. Her socials: Creatorland, Twitch, IG, YT, TT, Linkedin, Twitter/X.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 17 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

The Power of Story Telling In Your Content! 🚀

In this episode, Danielle Meadows-Stinnett, CEO and Creative Director of Octane Design Studios, discusses the importance of storytelling in the creator economy. She emphasizes the need to meet customers where they are and understand their stories in order to amplify their voices.

Danielle highlights the power of authenticity and vulnerability in storytelling, as well as the impact of emotional storytelling. She provides practical steps for creators to improve their storytelling skills and build trust with their audience. Danielle also explores the evolution of storytelling and its future in content creation and marketing.

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Want to be come a sponsor? Read up on the opportunity to get in front of 20k+ of the industries top voices, tastemakers, and creators here, or click below!

👋 - Brian F. CEO, & the Creatorland Team

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