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  • Creatorland Newsletter #17 | Platform Updates, Creator Economy News, & A DFY Outreach Strategy

Creatorland Newsletter #17 | Platform Updates, Creator Economy News, & A DFY Outreach Strategy

Pssst, we made you an outreach strategy to secure your next paid brand deal 😉

👋 Hey hey Creatorland Community!

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  • Creatorland Product Updates: Creatorland 2.0 + What’s Next!

  • From the Creator Economy: Update on Montana’s TikTok Ban, Twitch is leaving South Korea, and T Swift was the top streamed artist this year.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: Merry Christmas! We made your outreach strategy for the month!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 13 is live! Learn how Rose Jordan TRIPLED her income with Creatorland!


Creatorland 2.0 + What’s Next

Last week we dropped the biggest product at Creatorland since June, a whole new way to build your professional presence in the creator economy. Check out that update here: 🤯 Introducing a whole new Creatorland, Creatorland 2.0.

Up next? Viewing mutual connections, tagging your past collaborators in your Projects & Highlights, and a whole new way to browse Creatorland member’s past work. So dive in, get that profile updated, and watch the new opportunities roll in!

Dive into the whole new experience now.

27 MILLION Full & Part Time Creators in the USA & The Latest from The Creator Economy

  • The US Creator Economy hits a record number of earners! 🤑
    Media Daily News reported last month that there are now 27 million creators earning incomes in the US. With 15.4 million full-timers earning on average $179,000 a year!  

  • Montana’s TikTok ban just got BANNED! ⛔

    A federal judge blocked Montana's statewide TikTok ban, citing the state's failure to prove its constitutionality and its apparent focus on targeting China rather than protecting consumers. Montana plans to present a full case, while TikTok praised the ruling, emphasizing its commitment to free expression and community.

  • Spotify wrapped 2023 is here! 🎵
    Are we surprised that Taylor Swift was the top streamed artist on Spotify this year? Maybe not, but how about that 56 million listeners have viewed/shared their Spotify Wrapped? That’s 1 in every 4 Spotify listeners 🤯

  • Are you a FinTok fan? 💰
    Insider Intelligence's data highlights YouTube as the primary platform for banking information among both Millennials and Gen Z, with 65.6% of Gen Z and 63.9% of Millennials using the platform. While TikTok's #FinTok community is influential, only 43.8% of Gen Z and 24.1% of Millennials seek financial advice from finance TikTokers, indicating YouTube's stronger presence as a banking resource.

  • Twitch x South Korea breakup is scheduled 💔
    Twitch is closing its operations in South Korea due to prohibitive operating costs, including high internet fees, resulting in significant financial losses. CEO Dan Clancy announced the closure for February 27, 2024, prompting local streamers to consider migrating to other platforms or even relocating, with Twitch offering support for transitioning to alternative Korean streaming services.

If you’re tired of sending your media kit to hundreds of brands with little to no response, we hear you. There are better ways, and we’re sharing them with you.

  1. Your NEW & IMPROVED Outreach Template:

    short & sweet intro

    Hi (first name),

    My name is _____. I am a (niche) content creator and I’m a big fan of (brand name) and had some content ideas that I would love to help bring to life!

    share 2-3 content ideas for their brand

    Based on what is currently trending, I think the following pieces would perform well for your brand.

    1. Try on haul with your fleece collection with a voiceover highlighting the key selling points.
    2. One week of outfits to this trending sound.
    3. 3 ways to style this classic body suit.

    share 1-2 examples of your content in their niche

    Attached are 2 examples of content I’ve created for similar brands.

    clear and simple call-to-action

    If you’re interested in working together on some content pieces, please let me know and I can send over my rates and content process.

  2. Your Prospecting Strategy

    1. Make sure your Creatorland profile is up-to-date and showcases your personality and best work. Include your niche in your name / description for better SEO!

    2. Use the Creatorland search bar to find brands within your niche. Send 5 connection requests per day.

    3. Use the above outreach template to send to the brands you’ve connected with.

  3. Stay Consistent

    Keep in mind that it may be the 100th brand that you reach out to that gives you the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. Make engaging with key decision makers a daily habit. Creatorland was created to make the hardest part of being a creator, an effortless one. You’ve got this!

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 14 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Exploring Creatorland’s Income-Generating Potential with UGC Creator, Rose Jordan! 🚀

In this episode, Jake Pearson interviews Rose Jordan, a UGC creator using Creatorland to 3x her income in only 2 months.

They cover how Rose approached her UGC work before Creatorland, how she pitched over 800 brands via email and how she pivoted her outreach strategy to land 5 figure deals. All this and so much more as you listen to the Rose Jordan playbook on how to make money as a creator with Creatorland!

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

Our Discord has been going off! Join the conversation- we’re sharing tips, tricks, GIVEAWAYS and more - see you there!

👋 - Brian F. CEO, & the Creatorland Team

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