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  • 🤯 Introducing a whole new Creatorland, Creatorland 2.0

🤯 Introducing a whole new Creatorland, Creatorland 2.0

🧭 You're going to love this, Introducing a whole new layout, new features like Highlights & an updated My Network and a whole lot more!!

Dear Creatorland Community,

Today marks a significant milestone in the Creatorland journey. After 300 insightful interviews, almost 20k new members, 500k+ connection requests, and nearly 5 months since our first member set up their profile, we're thrilled to unveil Creatorland 2.0 – a leap forward in empowering the creators, marketers, talent managers, and everyone in between looking to build new relationships in their industry and accelerate their careers in the creator economy.

I could not be any more excited to introduce you to an all new Creatorland. Let’s get into it.

Welcome to Creatorland 2.0

Faster, more efficient, and mobile-friendly, the new Creatorland profile is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation. Designed to supercharge your career and networking potential, this next-level profile experience brings your creative journey to life like never before with a rework of Profile navigation, an awesome new way to show your best work with Highlights, and an enhanced new networking hub. Let’s dive in.

Your Profile just got a massive upgrade.
Say goodbye to the “Home” tab & hello to Overview.

Overview combines Home & Portfolio to give you one beautiful canvas for controlling your professional reputation online. Now, you can easily update your hiring status, employer information, add a link to an external website, and add even more social platforms to your profile like Spotify and OnlyFans.

An expanded About section gives you more room to tell your story and Portfolio is now just a scroll or two away for anyone checking you out on Creatorland. Ensuring your best work catches the eye of top creators and industry professionals on Creatorland.

Unveiling Highlights:
The ultimate showcase for your most epic moments.

Profile 2.0 introduces 'Highlights,' an innovative feature that lets you spotlight your most impressive work. Whether it’s a viral TikTok, an impactful Instagram post, or a successful YouTube campaign, Highlights allow you to bring your top achievements to the forefront of your profile. This feature not only showcases your best moments but also integrates seamlessly with social platforms, making it simpler than ever to share your successes and attract new opportunities.

  • Optimized for TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and other social networks

  • Shareable, taggable, and SEO friendly to maximize your opportunity for being discovered

  • Auto-organized into their own gallery for easy browsing and adding many Highlights without overcrowding your Profile

  • (coming soon) Automatically import stats from any social post

  • (coming soon) Tagging collaborators in past work

With Highlights, your creative journey becomes a compelling story told through your most significant posts. Think of it as a curated gallery of your professional milestones, available for brands, agencies, and fellow creators to see. And the best part? It’s incredibly user-friendly. Add a Highlight in just a few clicks, and watch your Creatorland profile transform into a more dynamic, engaging, and informative portfolio that's bound to turn heads.

My Network gets a facelift:
Building gamechanging new relationships is now easier than ever on Creatorland.

My Network on Creatorland is now streamlined to prioritize the most important new people for you to meet, and take action on your new connections and new connection requests.

Top Networkers gives you a filtered list of similar creators and industry leaders who are actively building their networks on Creatorland - the more you build your network, the more likely you are to shop up here to others.

We’ve even added a new Invite a Friend tool to let you invite 1 or many friends with a couple clicks. Are you an agency owner or influencer marketer with a roster sitting in a gSheet somewhere? Invite all of them to skip the waitlist and join your network with ease with the invite a friend tool.

Looking Ahead

Our first profile introduced a new paradigm in the creator economy, a way for creators and creative professionals alike to take control of their professional reputation online, build a portfolio showcase of past work, and effortlessly network with industry peers and leaders.

Looking ahead, we're excited about introducing the ability to tag collaborators in Highlights & Projects, further refining our recommended connections engine, and unveiling a new Discover page. These upcoming features are designed to inspire and facilitate the perfect matches between creators and those looking to hire exceptional talent.

Creatorland 2.0 is more than an update; it's a commitment to your growth and success. Explore these new features and see how they can elevate your creative journey.

🍻 Cheers!

Brian Freeman, CEO & Founder & the Creatorland Team