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  • Creatorland Newsletter #15 | The Creator Catalog, Shocking Creator Economy Stats, & TikTok Trends to Hop On.

Creatorland Newsletter #15 | The Creator Catalog, Shocking Creator Economy Stats, & TikTok Trends to Hop On.

EXPLOSIVE GROWTH at Creatorland | The Creator Economy is now valued at $250B, "Influencer" is officially the new dream job, and we've got the secret for getting hired as a UGC creator on the pod!

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  • Creatorland Product Updates: An all new Creator Catalog, 2000 new users a week, and Profile 2.0 is around the corner!

  • From the Creator Economy: The Creator Economy is valued at $250B, “Influencer” is the new dream job amongst kids, and Creatorland is the first platform catered to those that make the whole ecosystem possible!

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: 3 TikTok trends we think you should hop on NOW to grow your audience.

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 11 is live! Learn how to get hired as a UGC creator (from someone on the brand side of UGC content!)

Creatorland Platform Updates

Explosive Growth Alert! 🚨

Creatorland is on the move, with our community swelling by 2,000 new users weekly — all thanks to a staggering 25,000 to 30,000 invites sent from our dedicated existing users to future creatorland members. This brings us to 10,000 creators, talent managers, marketers, and industry insiders all inside one professional network. 

This is the power of Creatorland in action: real users, real growth, real momentum.

Back in October, we rolled out a simple Google Sheet to help our community navigate through the rapidly-growing network at Creatorland. It was a bit rough around the edges, yet it became a daily go-to for hundreds of you. Inspired by your enthusiasm, we've upped our game.

Dive into the new and improved catalog.creatorland.com for a seamless browsing experience. Now with search and filtering, you can effortlessly explore creators by hiring status, location, collaboration interests, content, and creator types — all streamlined, optimized for both mobile and desktop, all still free. It's our little way of saying thanks for growing with us!

Upcoming: New Features for Your Creatorland Profile!

Heads up, creatorland fam! We're rolling out Profile 2.0 soon. Expect a fresh highlights feature that links your social posts to your Creatorland resume, giving a real-time glimpse of your work and its impact. You can look forward to an updated profile design with more ways to express who you are and an improved networking section that makes it easier and more intuitive to grow and stay connected with your network. These changes are coming your way, with select members starting to see updates to their profiles as early as this week.

Keep an eye out as we enhance how you present and connect on Creatorland.

The Latest from The Creator Economy
Some mind-blowing statistics for you 📊

  • “Influencer” is the new “Astronaut”

    According to The Washington Post, “Influencer” is now ranked one of the most popular career aspirations for American youth, above professional athlete and astronaut.

  • Looks like influencers might not need a “back-up plan” after all
    To everyone who told influencers to “get a back-up plan,” the 25 year-old Creator Economy is valued at $250B globally and predicted to reach $480B by 2027!

  • YouTube reveals there are WAYYY more support staff for YouTube creators than any of us thought…

    YouTube announced that there are 390,000 editors, writers, designers, producers, and other creatives for YouTuber’s alone. We just rolled out some new tags you can add to your profile on Creatorland (moderator, editor, and a couple others). Now filterable in the Catalog. Looking for a Discord mod, or an editor for your podcast? Maybe you should be looking on Creatorland…

  • Social Media has had a massive impact on the US job market.

    The emergence of the "social media" industry represents a profound transformation within the United States labor force, marking one of the most significant shifts in recent memory. This sector has not only reshaped the way people communicate and connect but has also fundamentally altered the dynamics of the job market.

TikTok Trend #1: “This Nincompoop is Holding Up the Entire Competition”
In this TikTok trend, you aim to highlight a situation where you find yourself becoming excessively impatient with a certain matter. This impatience can pertain to your own experiences, your business, or someone else's, but make sure to emphasize your irritation with the waiting aspect.

TikTok Trend #2: “I woke up this morning and felt like Gar-bAdge”
In this TikTok trend, your goal is to create the impression that you're either genuinely fatigued for a significant reason, or you want to convey a scenario where you're utterly bewildered or surprised by recent information or something someone has shared with you.

TikTok Trend #3: Jeopardy with 4 Qs, 1 A
In this TikTok trend, your aim is to present four questions for either yourself, the audience, or someone to pick from. These questions should lean towards the controversial or humorous side, allowing your personality to shine through. Try to infuse humor and uniqueness into them to encourage comments and maximize your reach.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 11 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Exploring the Creator Economy with UGC Expert, Kyla Glendenning! 🚀

Join us in this episode as host Jake Pearson dives into the world of User-Generated Content (UGC) with Kyla, the co-founder of Influence Socials, a TikTok marketing agency.

Discover how to kickstart your UGC career, from crafting engaging content to reaching out to brands for partnerships. Learn valuable tips on creating a killer UGC portfolio, finding the right brands, setting your rates, and thriving in the evolving creator economy. 📸🚀 

Don't miss out on the insights that could transform your creative journey. Tune in now!

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

Our Discord has been going off! Join the conversation- we’re sharing tips, tricks, GIVEAWAYS and more - see you there!

👋 - Brian & the Creatorland Team

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