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  • Creatorland Newsletter #14 | We launch FREE Enterprise-Level Analytics, Threads Makes Moves, & Kick comes for Twitch, it's all in newsletter #14!

Creatorland Newsletter #14 | We launch FREE Enterprise-Level Analytics, Threads Makes Moves, & Kick comes for Twitch, it's all in newsletter #14!

Epic analytics for all, the latest creator news, and learn how to show up authentically online in our latest podcast ep! 🔥

👋 Hey hey Creatorland Community!

In today’s newsletter

  • Creatorland Product Updates: Enterprise level (free) dashboards for TikTok, Instagram & YouTube, & streamlined (free) creator sourcing signup!

  • News: Kick competes with Twitch, Twitch streamer, TacticalGramma gains 1.7M on TikTok, and Threads may take the place of Twitter.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: 5 content ideas to help you show up authentically online ✍️

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 10 is live! Learn how to show up authentically on social media!

Creatorland Platform Updates

Introducing Enterprise Level Analytics for YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram!

We're thrilled to announce that Creatorland now offers FREE dashboards for YouTube, TikTok & Instagram! Thousands of creators have synced their accounts, showcasing their stats, comparing with peers, and highlighting their achievements.

Our dashboards display audience data for YouTube & Instagram, allow time-based performance filtering, and rank top content by metrics such as views, watch time (YouTube), comments, likes, and shares. Don't miss out, sync your accounts under Settings today!

So, why did we make deluxe analytics like this free?

Analytics are a key part of the hiring process for 90% of brand deals, which make up 70% of spending in the creator economy according to Goldman Sachs, who forecasts this industry will be worth $480 BILLION by 2027. So we thought, what can we do to make it easier for creators to get hired, and give marketers more data to empower hiring and post-campaign performance analysis? Give it away for free!

So, if you’re looking to up your game, improve your discoverability as a creator, and improve your hiring outcomes as a marketer, then we’ve got your back!

Our free creator sourcing program is easier than ever to register for!

In Newsletters #12 & #13, we shared how marketers, talent agents, and creator economy companies are saving collectively thousands of hours a month sourcing creators with our new pilot partner program.

We’ve made it easier than ever before to give us all the info you need to find the right creators for your initiatives on this handy Google Form. Submit your info there, and we can get your sourcing efforts up and running within 24-36 hours!! Want a more hands on approach? Respond to this newsletter, and we’ll schedule some time to chat with you 😊. Marketers, don’t miss out while this program is still free of charge! A little more info below

The Latest from The Creator Economy

  • The latest hires at Creatorland got picked up by Kaya Yurieff’s newsletter this week! Check it out here!

  • So, they’re taking the lab grown meats….far.
    Cell-cultivated meat companies are now including exotic options like zebra and lion. While these options are still in the early stages of development and not readily available, we are seeing many wild meats like “wooly mammoth meatballs” in testing.

  • Kick announces their new, HOURLY creator incentive.
    Kick has announced the second class of its Creator Incentive Program, which includes 50 streamers who will receive hourly compensation that scales up with their followers and watch time. This program is part of their effort to support its creators and challenge platforms like Twitch.

  • 58-year-old, Michelle Statham twitch streams Call of Duty

    Michelle Statham, known as TacticalGramma on Twitch, is a 58-year-old gamer who excels at quick-hit fights and sniping in Call of Duty. Despite her initial doubts about whether anyone would watch a 54-year-old play video games, she now has 1.6 million followers.

  • Threads faces an identity crisis

    Meta’s platform Threads, launched just three months ago, is emerging as a potential Twitter successor with over 100 million users, but it faces an identity crisis. While some see it as a promising breaking news platform, Meta's leadership, including Adam Mosseri and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, wants Threads to maintain a "less angry" and more positive atmosphere. Meta has concerns about handling news responsibly and profitably.

Share a controversial opinion.
While this may seem daunting, people engage with content they relate to and people don’t connect to surface level opinions. By sharing your honest opinions, you will allow people to see your authentic self.

Embrace vulnerability.
Open up about a vulnerability or insecurity you've experienced. Talk about how it makes you feel and the steps you're taking to address or accept it. By sharing your vulnerabilities, you'll give your audience the ability to relate to you on a deeper level.

Share an honest Day In The Life.
Document a typical day in your life using photos, videos, or stories. Give your audience a glimpse into your routine, from morning to night. Narrate your thoughts, feelings, and activities throughout the day. The key here is to share your REAL life, not a glamorized routine just for social media.

Talk about things you love.
Share a book, quote, song, or anything that you enjoy or that has had an impact on you. Explain why it's significant, how it resonates with you, and the lessons you've taken from it. This gives your audience more points to connect with you on and will encourage conversion in your comments.

Ask for advice.
The moment someone asks you for advice on an important part of their life is when you realize they value and trust you. Seek advice from your audience on a topic you genuinely need help with. It could be related to a decision you need to make, a creative challenge, or personal development.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 10 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

How to Ensure Brand Collaborations Align with Your Values with Jenni Johnson.

Embarking on brand collaborations can be a pivotal step in advancing your journey as a content creator. However, aligning these collaborations with your core values is essential to maintain authenticity and build a genuine connection with your audience. In this insightful video, we delve into the key strategies to ensure that your brand collaborations resonate with your values and reflect your unique creator identity.

We'll explore the importance of thorough research to identify brands that share your ethos and values. Discover how transparent communication with potential brand partners can set the right expectations and foster a collaborative relationship rooted in mutual respect and shared goals. Learn how to evaluate collaboration opportunities to ensure they resonate with your values and contribute positively to your creator brand.

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

Our Discord has been going off! Join the conversation- we’re sharing tips, tricks, GIVEAWAYS and more - see you there!

👋 - Brian & the Creatorland Team

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