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  • Creatorland Newsletter #19 | Introducing Mutual Connections, TikTok Shop Update, 2024 Predictions, and more!

Creatorland Newsletter #19 | Introducing Mutual Connections, TikTok Shop Update, 2024 Predictions, and more!

Check out our newest platform feature, creator economy news & see our 2024 creator predictions!

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  • Creatorland Updates: Mutual Connections, Inbox Updates, & more!

  • From the Creator Economy: TikTok Shop sales are skyrocketing and so are their platform fees, Stanley fans are getting out of hand, & a new streamer has twitch and kick fighting over him.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: Our 2024 Creator Economy Predictions 👀

  • Project Highlights: See how creators are using Creatorland projects!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 16 is live!

Creatorland Platform Updates

🌟 Introducing Mutual Connections: Expanding Your Creative Network!

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing feature on Creatorland: Mutual Connections! This innovative addition is all about connecting the dots in the vast creator economy.

🔗 Discover Who You Know - And Who You Should Know!

With Mutual Connections, you now have the power to see not just who you're directly connected with, but also who your connections know. This offers a unique opportunity to expand your network strategically, uncovering hidden links and potential collaborations that were previously invisible.

🌐 A Major Leap in Networking and Collaboration

This feature marks a significant shift in how our community can interact, collaborate, and grow together. Whether you're seeking inspiration, partnerships, or new opportunities, Mutual Connections provides a deeper, more intuitive way to navigate the thriving creator landscape.

💡 Action Step: Don't wait! Log into Creatorland now, check out your connections, and start browsing through the mutual connections of your network. This is your chance to tap into the hidden potential of your peers' relationships, uncovering opportunities and collaborations that were previously out of reach. Dive deep into this new layer of connectivity and see how it can elevate your creative journey. Embrace the power of community and start unlocking new paths to success today!

Power Networkers Rejoice! Inbox just received a major upgrade with more on the way.

You can now view the location, audience size, title, tags, and more right in the chat window on Creatorland. We’ve also squashed a few pesky bugs to keep you chatting and networking with the best with ease. Look out for a few new upgrades coming in the next week to Inbox like filtering by unread messages, unread messages pinning to the top of inbox (we know this is driving us nuts too), and more speed improvements. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

Creator Economy News

  • TikTok’s latest reality TV Show at 138M views.
    TikTok's #UltimateWorldCruise has captivated millions, showcasing the daily lives of passengers on a nine-month Royal Caribbean voyage. The drama is juicy.

  • TikTok Shop is taking a larger cut on seller sales.
    TikTok's commission for seller sales will increase from 2% plus 30 cents per transaction to 8% in the U.S., following aggressive efforts to expand its shopping services, aiming to boost its 2024 U.S. e-commerce business to $17.5 billion, while still offering lower rates than Amazon's 15% cut.

  • Stanley obsession is getting out of hand…

    The highly sought-after limited edition winter pink Starbucks x Stanley cup, retailing for $49.95 at Target stores and selling out quickly, has spurred intense buying frenzies, with some reselling on eBay for approximately $200, leading enthusiasts to document their acquisition journeys and prompting scarcity-driven behavior.

  • LeBron James in his streaming era?

    LeBron James' is in streaming video games has sparked a competitive bidding war between Twitch and Kick, with both platforms vying for the NBA star's presence on their respective platforms, showcasing how top athletes are increasingly involved in the digital creator economy.

2023 brought numerous changes to the Creator Landscape, and adapting to these changes is crucial for creators to thrive in the creator economy in 2024. These are our top predictions for changes that creators and brands alike should be aware of.

TikTok Shop

Love it or hate it, TikTok Shop is growing rapidly. Despite the initial controversy from users, TikTok has successfully implemented first-time buyer discounts and a seamless checkout system. Creators are now earning a substantial income from commissions made through TikTok Shop.

E-commerce brands have a significant opportunity to join TikTok Shop and establish a massive affiliate program directly through the platform. Creators can drive more sales and earn higher commission paychecks with an integrated shopping experience.

The Need for Unique Style

We've all observed social media becoming repetitive, with a heavy focus on "trends" resulting in thousands of videos featuring the same content, just with different faces. This year, people are craving unique content.

Developing a personal brand and style that is difficult to imitate will be the key for both brands and creators. This will demand more intentional effort in writing and executing content but will significantly enhance the social media experience for users.

The Bar Rising for UGC Creators

In 2023, creating content for brands to use on their own social platforms and in paid ads became a part- and full-time job for thousands of people, with the barrier to entry being an iPhone and internet connection.

Brands found investing in UGC creators without an audience to be more cost-effective but struggled with the lack of professionalism and experience from many creators.

Due to the rapidly saturating industry, UGC creators should invest in enhancing both their content skills and their customer experience with brands to stay ahead of the game.

Project Highlights
See how creators are utilizing Creatorland 💟

Jill Penida created a project to showcase her viral holiday content.

Jerri Williams created a project to display her brand deal with Shape LLX.

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 16 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Secret Strategies: How Creators Can Create Content with AI! 🚀

In this podcast episode, Jake welcomes Kevin Reste, a specialist in creative operations, development, production, and strategy. They discuss the exciting impact of AI on the creator economy. Kevin highlights the potential of AI tools to enhance content creation processes, making them more efficient and productive. They touch on recent developments like custom chat GPTs and how creators can leverage AI for various tasks.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of integrating AI gradually into content creation pipelines to maximize its benefits. Ultimately, the discussion revolves around empowering independent creators with AI tools to navigate the evolving landscape of content creation.

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

Our Discord has been going off! Join the conversation- we’re sharing tips, tricks, GIVEAWAYS and more - see you there!

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