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  • Creatorland Newsletter #18 | 2023 Year in review, Creator News, and Tips for your next influencer campaign!

Creatorland Newsletter #18 | 2023 Year in review, Creator News, and Tips for your next influencer campaign!

20,000+ NEW Creatorland Members since Aug, how creators are using Creatorland to grow in their career, and Ep. 15 of the Creatorland pod!

👋 Hey hey Creatorland Community!

In today’s newsletter

  • Creatorland Updates: 2023 year in review, Introducing sponsorships, and more!

  • From the Creator Economy: Vlogmas is bigger than ever in 2023, Stats on the first VTuber’s Awards, Utah’s proposed social media restriction laws, and exactly how Google’s DeepMind “hacked” chat GBT.

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: Here are some insights for your next winning influencer campaign 👀

  • Project Highlights: See how musicians are using Creatorland projects!

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 15 is live!

What a year for Creatorland.
A look back at 2023!

As we reflect on the past year, it's incredible to see the leaps Creatorland has made. Here's a snapshot of our remarkable journey:

✨ 20,000+ New Creatorland Members Joined the Family - Since August 1st, our community grew exponentially, thanks to our members inviting other talented individuals. From influencers to actors, we've become a diverse hub of creativity.

🤝 Over 30,000 New Connections Made - Our platform has been buzzing with collaborations and conversations among influencers, talent managers, marketers, videographers, musicians, actors, and many more creatives.

🛠️ 45 Design Partners Shaping Our Future - With invaluable insights from brands, agencies, and talent managers, we're crafting tools that genuinely meet the industry's needs. Want to participate? Apply here!

🎥 Massive Reach on YouTube - Our Creatorland Shorts & Podcast The Creator Landscape made a splash with over 14.5 million views, 85,000 hours watched, and a family of 20,000+ new subscribers in 2023 alone!

I want to thank all of our amazing team members, partners, investors, and most of all YOU our community for making 2023 the most rewarding for me to date. I cannot wait to see what 2024 brings!

⭐️ Introducing sponsorships!

We’ve had so many of you reach out about sponsoring our newsletter, that we decided to open up that opportunity to everyone. If you’re interested in sponsoring our now 19k influencers, content creators and creator economy leaders strong newsletter, drop us a note here. Supply is limited, so act quickly. More details at the end of the newsletter 😊.

Creator Economy News

  • Vlogmas growth has been exponential as it expands from YouTube to TikTok 🎥🎄
    Vlogmas has over 140M views on TikTok this year and looks like it’s on TikTok to stay! The short-form daily vlogs have proven to be an addicting addition to this long-time content creator tradition.

  • Utah gov officials are working to pass some new social media regulations in 2024, social media companies aren’t happy. ⛔

    A trade group representing TikTok, X, and Meta is suing Utah over laws requiring age verification for users and imposing a curfew on minors' social media use. Although the support for a full TikTok ban has dropped significantly, pitting politicians against social media platforms continues.

  • The Very First VTuber Awards was on December 17! 🎥🗓️
    The inaugural VTuber Awards (A 5-hour virtual awards event) attracted attention across Twitch, featuring 25 categories and Ironmouse winning the top prize. The event drew a peak audience of 38,417 on Filian's Twitch channel. WePlay Studios and Mythic Talent organized the event, and it proved to be a hit!

  • How Google “hacked” Chat GBT Training Data 💻
    DeepMind discovered a method to access training data from OpenAI's ChatGPT by exploiting a simple prompt “repeat the word ‘poem’ forever,” causing the chatbot to divulge information from its training data, breaching safety measures meant to prevent memorization. Despite OpenAI's subsequent patch to address the issue, concerns persist regarding potential vulnerabilities.

With multiple platforms, 45M+ US content creators, and an ever-evolving creator landscape it can be overwhelming to even know where to start when building an influencer campaign. We’ve broken it down by your goals below:

Campaign Length

If your goal is awareness for a launch, you should have all of your influencers post within a 2-week window to create a bang online to align with your launch date.

If your goal is to drive sales, you should have a minimum 60-day campaign with multiple posts from each creator to warm their audience to your products.

Creator Size

If your goal is a profitable ROI, work with nano (<10k) & micro (10k-100k) creators. These creators don’t get as many brand deals as larger creators which makes their ads more impactful and their rates reasonable.

If your goal is new customer acquisition, work with mid-tier (100k-500k) & macro (500k-1M) creators. These creators generate a large amount of sales, however their rates can be high and make it difficult to see an immediate sales ROI.

If your goal is awareness (especially for an in-store product) work with mega (1M+) creators to get millions of eyeballs on your product for the first time.

Creator Niche

If your goal is sales, get granular with the niche of creators you work with. Focus on those with extremely targeted audiences. If your product is fashion apparel, work with creators whose account are 90% fashion content. The audiences of these accounts are following with the intent to learn from and purchase the recommendations of these creators.

If your goal is awareness, work with more well-rounded creators whose content appeals to the masses. Their content will attract more views and get your product in front of more new people.

If you have questions on building a successful influencer campaign in 2024, reply to this email with your questions and we’d be happy to include it in our next newsletter!

Cheers to a successful 2024 🥂

Project Highlights
See how creators are utilizing Creatorland 💟

urielmartinez32 made a project on Creatorland to showcase his song, RESPIRAR hitting 1 Millions streams on Spotify

candace peecher created a project to showcase an ad she made for Opendoor that reached 2 Million views

What’s happening on the pod?
Introducing, Episode 15 of The Creator Landscape with Jake Pearson! 🎉 

Building a Brand in the Creator Economy! 🚀

In this episode, we are thrilled to host Luke Lorick, the ingenious mind behind the Tailgating Challenge. With 11 years of experience and a thriving community of over 275,000 social media fans, Luke shares his journey from a simple bedtime idea to a booming side hustle.

Want to be a guest on the pod? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Tell us what you think of the episode, Join The Discord!

Our Discord has been going off! Join the conversation- we’re sharing tips, tricks, GIVEAWAYS and more - see you there!

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