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  • Creatorland Newsletter #16 | One Creator Triples Their Income, Creator Economy News, and Top Tips for Influencer Campaigns in 2024

Creatorland Newsletter #16 | One Creator Triples Their Income, Creator Economy News, and Top Tips for Influencer Campaigns in 2024

How Rose Jordan tripled her income with Creatorland, TikTok is closing their $1B creator fund, Keith Lee x Atlanta drama, we've got our top tips for successful influencer campaigns and rebranding tips for content creators.

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  • Creatorland Product Updates: We’re 5 days out from an all new Creatorland, and November sees 300% jump in new friendships, networking, and collabs.

  • From the Creator Economy: The OG TikTok creator fund is shutting down, YouTube’s working overtime to integrate AI tools, and Keith Lee has beef with the Atlanta food industry 👀

  • Creatorland Featured Tips: Marketers, we’re giving you our top 3 strategies for converting Influencer Campaigns.

  • Creatorland Resources: Creator Landscape Ep. 12 is live! Learn how to rebrand yourself as a content creator with Chelsea Monroe!

Creatorland Platform Updates

We’re just 5 days away from an all new Creatorland…

In our last newsletter, we promised we were cooking up something special for you. The countdown to a completely new Creatorland experience is on. Keep an eye on your inbox for the profile 2.0 announcement, you won’t want to miss this!

November sees HUGE jump in new connections on Creatorland.

Somebody wise told me this month she lives by the motto: You’re one connection away from changing your life. I have to admit, that might be a new tagline for us, have to think on that.

Now, let's talk about the whirlwind that was November at Creatorland! We're talking a colossal leap in connections - 7,581 new ones to be exact, skyrocketing us 300% beyond what we saw in October. It's not just numbers; it's real magic happening. From brainstorming collabs to swapping pro tips, forging friendships, and yes, even sparking a few romances (wink, wink), Creatorland is buzzing with life-changing encounters. And honestly, we're on the edge of our seats, eager to see the amazing stories that will unfold from these connections!

Meet Rose Jordan, a Creatorland Success Story

💸 How she TRIPLED her income on Creatorland in just 2 months!

Rose Jordan

Content Creator & Influencer

“Joining creator land has been a personal game-changer for my content creation journey! This incredible, creative networking platform has not only connected me with like-minded creators and potential collaborators but has also played a pivotal role in more than doubling my monthly creator revenue. The seamless interface and robust tools provided by Creatorland have empowered me to showcase my skills, expand my reach, and attract lucrative opportunities.

The supportive community on creator land has been instrumental in my professional growth. I've gained invaluable insights, tips, and feedback from fellow creators, elevating the overall quality of my content. I have also met many content creators in the same niche as myself to draw inspiration and learn from.

The opportunities for collaboration have been endless, allowing me to diversify my content and appeal to a broader audience. I went from filming small UGC projects at random to building long lasting client relationships, and selling large scale content packages to businesses of all sizes. One of my favorite parts has been working on UGC style projects that don’t necessarily have to be posted to my account or following. Utilizing my content creator skills to help others grow their individual businesses has been so fun and professionally rewarding.

What sets Creatorland apart is its commitment to empowering creators. From insightful newsletters to exclusive networking opportunities, the platform goes above and beyond to equip its members with the knowledge and resources needed for success.  The result? A noticeable spike in my skills, following and income.

If you're a content creator serious about taking your craft to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Creatorland. It's not just a platform; it's a dynamic community that propels your creativity, expands your network, and transforms your creative passions into tangible success. Thank you, Creatorland team for being the catalyst for my remarkable journey of growth and achievement!

First month on the platform I doubled my monthly income, second month I tripled it.” - Rose Jordan, creator and social media manager.

The Latest from The Creator Economy

  • The original TikTok Creator Fund is shutting down

    TikTok has announced the conclusion of its $1 billion creator fund on December 16th, 2023. TikTok is shifting to the Creativity Program, where videos must be over one minute to be eligible, creators now have the potential to earn 20 times more than under the original fund.

  • YouTube introduces 2 new AI features
    Premium subscribers can now access YouTube’s AI-generated comment summaries and their chatbot providing information about the video content. The comment summarizer organizes comments into themes, while the chatbot allows users to ask questions and receive information without interrupting playback.

  • Do you actually use Lemon8?

    Despite a significant influencer marketing push and efforts to position it as a potential replacement for TikTok in the U.S., ByteDance's Lemon8 app has struggled to gain traction, with only 2.6 million total downloads in the US since its launch earlier this year.

  • Let’s talk about Keith Lee x Atlanta

    TikTok food critic Keith Lee, known for his very honest reviews and the "Keith Lee effect" that boosts restaurant traffic, faced backlash during his visit to Atlanta. Lee's critiques of local eateries sparked a debate about Atlanta's food culture, with controversy arising over special treatment offers and negative reactions from some restaurant owners, while fans continued to flock to Lee-endorsed establishments.

Brands have invested billions of dollars into influencers since the beginning of the creator economy. For some, influencer campaigns are their top sales converters, but others have seen little to no return on investment. What’s the difference between the two?

Below are our top 3 tips for successful influencer campaigns in 2024:

  1. Stop Ignoring Your Organic Social Presence:

    Influencers should facilitate the introduction between consumers and brands, rather than be expected to carry the entire brand’s voice on social media.

    Scenario #1: A consumer sees a creator promoting a brand they haven’t heard of; they look them up on TikTok to see more of their products and find a page with 3 followers and 2 outdated videos.

    Scenario #2: After watching a creator promoting a brand, they click on the brand’s tagged profile and are met with a page with hundreds of videos showcasing their products, sharing interesting information, and have their customer base hyping up their products in the comments.

    Which scenario do you think will result in sales?

  2. Prioritize Long-Term Influencer Partnerships:

    The days of well-performing one-off ads are over. Consumers are researching products more than ever before purchasing and can smell inauthenticity a mile away.

    Consumers prefer purchasing products that they know their favorite influencers actually use and love rather than products that a creator endorses in one 30-second sponsored ad.

    Brands with conversion-focused influencer campaigns are shifting to monthly retainers and commission incentives with creators versus a pay-per-post structure.

  3. Combine Creator Style with Your Sales Data:

    There’s ongoing pressure in the industry to let creators take the reins on sponsored content since they’re the content-creation experts. While that’s true, YOU are the expert on your customer base. You know what makes your target demographic pull the trigger and purchase from you.

    Approach your influencer partnerships with a collaborative mindset. Recognize that they know how to generate views, and you know how to drive sales. Work with your creators to combine both into your campaigns.

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